• Model: IS-SBD00066AA
  • Shipping Weight: 6lbs
  • Manufactured by: Indel Marine
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This SP (Self-pumping) fitting is an Isotherm proprietary part, and is a direct replacement for the SP thru-hull fitting on all Isotherm SP systems.  The fitting does not include the large O-shaped zinc.

Adding this fitting to an existing Isotherm system will help air-cooled systems in certain situations with high ambient temperatures. The capacity of a fridge system is determined by the size of the compressor and evaporator plate. Adding this fitting to an existing system designed for a 6 cu ft icebox will not make it suddenly be able to handle a 10 cu ft icebox, or improve the energy consumption / temperature on a poorly-insulated icebox.  See the notes below for new installations for adding this fitting to an existing system.

If you are installing a new system, this fitting can be added easily during installation, however, the 4’ distance between the compressor and the SP fitting cannot be changed.  Adding this to a new Isotherm system creates an air- and water-cooled fridge, which is ideal for Cruising. While in the water, the fan can be disabled, and the fridge can run solely on the SP fitting. Then, when the boat is hauled out the fan is enabled and then the fridge runs on the air-cooled condenser.  There are many variables that need to be considered, like ventilation for the air-cooled compressor, but this hybrid approach is good for long-range Cruisers.  It is very important that the right system is chosen for the icebox. Please call us if you are considering this option.  Phone 774-328-9498

This fitting cannot be added to an Isotherm Classic Cruise or an Elegance fridge.

This fitting requires the Isotherm fitting kit – the fitting has BPT threads.  New installations of this fitting require three parts – the SP thru-hull, the Isotherm fitting kit / shut off valve and the large o-shaped zinc.

This is a non-returnable part, please call us for details.

Used on all SP systems.
Mfg. Part # SBD00066AA