Cruise 36

The Isotherm Cruise 36 Classic & Stainless Steel Refrigerator is a built-in DRAWER fridge with unique design.

Due to its compact dimensions, the CR 36 can be installed where no other fridge might fit.
The compressor can be removed up to 1 meter away.
It comes with a white door and mounting frame as standard.
Stainless Steel and black versions are also available.

The  Isotherm Cruise 36 is similar in dimesnions to the Dometic CD-030



Product Image Item Name- Price
Isotherm Cruise 36 Refrigerator, Black Door, AC/DC

Isotherm Cruise 36 Refrigerator, Black door, 3-sided black mounting flange.  AC/DC operation. Compressor can be mounted up to 3 feet away. ... more info

Model : IM-1036BA7CL0000
Manufacturer : Indel Marine
Weight : 45

$1,132.00 Sale: $905.60

... more info
Isotherm Cruise 36 Refrigerator Stainless Steel, AC/DC

Model : IM-1036BA7EK0012
Manufacturer : Indel Marine
Weight : 100

$1,464.00 Sale: $1,171.20

... more info