Isotherm Portable Travel Boxes


Isotherm Travel Boxes - Portable Refrigerators & Freezers

Reliable, high quality products designed especially for marine use. Each model includes both a DC and AC power cord.

Ideal for boats where you don't have a permanently installed refrigeration system - load your food at home and carry to the boat!  Also perfect for travelling in a car or camper - keep your food and drinks chilled wherever you are or whenever you're on the move!

Very light and compact design for outdoor conditions
Big capacities to store food and drinks
Equipped with handles for an easy transport
12/24 V Danfoss compressor

The entire range of Isotherm Travel Boxes have a dual-speed function and digital control of the compressor: MAX mode runs the compressor at high speed for fast cooling and ECO mode runs at a slower speed for greater economy and energy efficiency.

Isotherm Travel Boxes

Isotherm Travel Boxes Isotherm Travel Boxes
Electronic thermostat control. Pull out inner basket for easy access on some models. Large units equipped with handles for easy transportation.


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