Drawer 70


The DR70 Clean Touch Stainless Steel is a premium front-opened drawer refrigerator. The DR70 is made with a robust drawer mechanism, with a secure door latch. It also features 5 internal blue led lights and baskets to make it easy to use. The DR70 features a remote mountable compressor allowing the compressor to be mounted upto 3 feet from the cabinet. The stainless steel flange allows for flush mounting. Clean Touch Stainless Steel is easy to keep clean and free from fingerprints and smudges.

The Isotherm Drawer 70 is available in three different versions, as fridge, freezer and freezer with Ice Maker . All three versions of DR70 are also available with CUSTOM PANEL option.

Like all Isotherm products, the Drawer 70 is backed by the exclusive Isotherm 5-year limited warranty on all compressors and two years on all parts.


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