Enjoy hot water onboard! If you are looking to replace your current water heater, or adding one, consider these fine water heaters from Indel Marine. The cylindrical shape and durable materials make Isotemp a great choice for your boat. Some of the most important features are these:

* All fittings and internal tank are made of 316 stainless steel, the cover and mounting feet are made of 304 stainless steel.
* The mounting feet are connected to a band that wraps around the tank - this can be adjusted to any position around the tank, making it possible to mount on a bulkhead or from an overhead.
* The water is heated by both an engine heat exchanger (connected to the engine coolant system) or by a standard 110V or 220V / 750W immersion heater. 1200W immersion elements are available.
* A key feature is the thermostatic mixing valve that mixes a small amount of the hot water from the tank with cold water from your fresh-water system. This conserves the heated water and is especially important for cruisers who want to minimize power consumption.
* The polyurethane insulation minimizes heat loss and the water in the tank will stay hot for up to 24 hours. (Results will vary with the amount of hot water drawn from the tank.)
* Isotemp water heaters come with a safety relief valve.
* 2 year full warranty and 5 year limited warranty for corrosion in the tank.
We recommend fitting the largest tank in the available space. Be sure when measuring to leave a few inches at the end for fittings.
BASIC - tank has a diameter of 15 9/16", and depending on the capacity from 19 5/16" to 42 1/8" long.

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