Water Cooled

Isotherm Magnum Water Cooled Systems are built using the powerful Danfoss BD Series compressors and a copper-nickel pump water cooled condenser.

Isotherm Water Cooled Evaporators

* Designed to provide on-board deep freezing.
* Powerful water-cooled compressor unit is ideal for tropical climates
* Large evaporators provide fast and even freezing.
* Excellent temperature regulation with adjustable thermostat.
* Operates on 12 or 24 volts DC.

Jumbo Compact Systems combine large evaporators with efficient and powerful water-cooled compressor units. Large evaporators are better suited than holding plates for deep freezers.

The large surface area produces a colder freezer, with more even and stable temperatures throughout the compartment. These factors are very important for long-term food storage. When installed in a well-insulated freezer box these units provide excellent results and low power consumption

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