SP Cooled


Fitting supplied with 1 1/4" ball valve and hose barb.

The Isotherm SP Self-Pumping refrigeration system uses a special thru-hull fitting with a built-in condenser/heat exchanger. The SP fitting is similar in principle to a 'keel cooler' through which heat is conducted into the water outside the hull. To increase efficiency, the SP design takes advantage of every movement of the boat to produce the 'Self-Pumping' cooling action. The SP fitting replaces the existing galley sink drain thru-hull (or any vented thru-hull), requiring no extra holes in the hull for installation.
The SP system consists of three components: the compressor, the thru-hull fitting, and the evaporator or holding plate. The holding plate mounts up to 10 ft. away from compressor. The compressor installs up to 3 ft. away from thru-hull fitting. The SP models with aluminum evaporator are available in three sizes.

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