• Model: IS-SED00033AA
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  • Manufactured by: Indel Marine
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The Isotherm Smart Energy Control (ISEC) is a great way to save battery power under typical cruising conditions.  In brief, it monitors power like ASU and runs the compressor at 3 speeds.  The ISEC monitors temps inside the fridge and lowers the temperature when there is surplus power while running the compressor at top speed, then allows temps to go back to normal fridge temps and slow speed compressor when just on battery.  Cold absorbed by food and beverages act like a holding plate, limiting the running time of the compressor.

The ISEC can be configured for any cabinet fridge using Danfoss DC only electronics.  The ISEC can also be used on Compact Refrigeration Systems and other brands of ice box refrigeration using the Danfoss DC only module. 

The manual explains how to set the dip switches and where to install the temperature sensor.  


Data Sheet

Manufacturer Part #SEG00029DA