Isotherm Compact Classic use reliable SECOP Compressor units with air, water or SP cooling and a range evaporator cooling plates.

Isotherm Classic Compact Cooling Units

Isotherm Classic Compact refrigeration systems are the economical way to turn a well-insulated icebox into an efficient refrigerator for your boat. These systems offer a reliable Danfoss compressor with a superior fan-cooled condenser unit. They are pre-charged and ready to run. Evaporators are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the specific requirement of your icebox design. The O-shaped units provide a small freezer compartment with a plastic door. The L-shaped and flat evaporators can be bent to fit the box. All evaporators are supplied with six feet of tubing to connect the compressor unit. Installation is quick and easy with leak-proof quick-connect fittings and a unique click-on bracket for mounting the compressor. All Isotherm systems operate on 12 or 24 volts DC.

The evaporators are available in three designs; O-shaped (Bin style), L (pre bent to fit around 2 sides of a box) or flat which can be used flat or bent to fit the box.

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