Compressor Modules for Isotherm refrigerators

Control Modules are made by the compressor manufacturer, and are essential to run the compressor. Power to the thermostat and fan (or pump) is distributed through these modules.

Note: If you turn off your fridge, turn it off at the panel breaker, not with the thermostat. These modules are vulnerable to power surges, so if you turn off at the breaker, it protects the module.

Please note there are NO RETURNS on electronics.

Product Image Item Name- Price
AC/DC Module for all SECOP/Danfoss BD35 & BD50 compressors 101N510

AC/DC Danfoss Electronic Module for SECOP and Danfoss BD35 & BD50 compressors Automatically converts 115V or /220V AC power to 24V DC for ... more info

Model : IS-SEG00030GA
Manufacturer : Indel Marine
Weight : 2

AC power cord for Isotherm refrigerators

US power cord for Isotherm refrigerators. For connecting AC power to the AC/DC module.  You need this if you switch from DC only to the AC/DC ... more info

Model : IS-G741
Manufacturer : Indel Marine
Weight : 1

12/24V Module for SECOP / Danfoss BD80 compressor 101N390

Electronic Module for SECOP/Danfoss BD80 compressor, DC only SECOP/Danfoss part #101N0390  (replaces 101N0290)  3 3/8" X 4 3/4" X ... more info

Model : IS-SEG00024DA
Manufacturer : Indel Marine
Weight : 2

AC/DC converter for BD80 Compressor module 101N390

AC to DC converter for SECOP/Danfoss BD80 compressors - works with compressor module 101N390. Can be used on Isotherm Drawer 160 model with BD80 ... more info

Model : SED00035PA
Manufacturer : Indel Marine
Weight : 3