Listed here are the thermostats for Isotherm "Classic" Cruise models.

Please call us if you are unsure of which thermostat to get, we need the model number out of the fridge to help.

Product Image Item Name- Price
Thermostat for Classic Cruise Models 36/49/65/85/100/120/130/DR130/DR85/ & more see description

Thermostat for Isotherm "Classic"  Cruise models: Cruise 36, Cruise 49, Cuise 65, Cruise 100, Cruise 120, Cruise 85, Cruise 130 ... more info

Model : IS-SEA00031DA
Manufacturer : Indel Marine
Weight : 1

Thermostat, Cruise 63/65/90 (bottom of CR195) Freezers DW160 Lite freezers

Thermostat, Cruise 63, Cruise 65, Cruise 90  FREEZERS (bottom of CR195) Also used in the Drawer 160 Lite models with freezer drawer (not models ... more info

Model : IS-SEA00103AA
Manufacturer : Indel Marine
Weight : 2

Thermostat for Cruise 130 DRINKS Version

Thermostat for Isotherm 130  DRINKS   version (no freezer compartment) refrigerator.  Also the top (fridge section) of the Cruise 195 ... more info

Model : IS-SEA00091DA
Manufacturer : Indel Marine
Weight : 1

Thermostat knob for Cruise models - black plastic

Replacement Thermostat Knob for many models of Isotherm Cruise refrigerators and freezers.  Small black plastic knob.  Manufacturer ... more info

Model : IS-SEA00022AA
Manufacturer : Indel Marine
Weight : 1