Freezer Doors

The Isotherm Classic models use two freezer doors:

  1. Small freezer door that covers the freezer section (this is attached to the evaporator by clips)
  2. The Isotherm Cruise 90 uses a long freezer door, this model has four of these doors covering the food space.

Product Image Item Name- Price
Evaporator Freezer Door - Cruise 42/49/65/85/130

OUT OF STOCK UNTIL END OF JULY Evaporator Freezer Door  for  Isotherm CRUISE   series. Made of plastic with a Stainless Steel ... more info

Model : IS-SGC00131AA
Manufacturer : Indel Marine
Weight : 1

Set of 2 Clips for Evaporator Freezer Door - Cruise

Set of 2 Clips and screws for attaching the freezer (evaporator) door. For use on Cruise models: CR42 / CR49 / CR65 / CR85 / CR130 ( IS-SGC00021AA ... more info

Model : IS-SDF00007AA
Manufacturer : Indel Marine
Weight : 1

Evaporator Freezer Door - Cruise 80/90/100/120

Freezer Door  for  Isotherm CRUISE  FREEZER  models # CR80/90/100/120 Measures: 15 1/2" X 5 3/4" Please Note: ... more info

Model : IS-SGC00029AA
Manufacturer : Indel Marine
Weight : 2